Saturday, October 11, 2008

Uh, um, honey...

Last night after William's soccer game (we lost, but at least we did score...once..but still...) we went to a restaurant that Drew had been to for lunch a the week before. After we ordered, the kids went to play at the pool tables and I start to really look around.

All of the table are outside under a canopy with the pool tables inside. There's Christmas lights everywhere and along the edge is a long planter box full of pretty plants and tiki torches. Off to the other side there's a bar up-against a small trailer that holds the kitchen (but a lot of the cooking happens on the grill between the trailer and the building...a grill like you would have in your back yard. That's Guam for you...nothing too fancy.)

", I think we just brought our kids to a bar."

"Yeah, but if they just focus on the view - just look at this great view."

So, I look at the view - and Drew's right - it's great - a huge view of the water - which we're just on top of. Then I look back at the the pool tables...

"Yeah, but they're at the pool tables."

"But they just look at the view!"

"They're at the pool tables."

"Yeah, we brought our kids to a bar."


Anonymous said...

Bar, schmar. Look at that view!

Besides, pool tables can be used to learn geometry. Look for those teachable moments! ;)


Anonymous said...

I hear Hooters has great wings ;)

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Leaping For Joy