Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cairns: Day Six & Seven

On day six of our trip we slept in (yes, that was an on-going theme) and then drove inland to the "Tablelands". I went to a place called Coffee Works. It was great - I got to taste coffee and chocolate. Drew took the kids to lunch so I got have a few minutes to myself.

Coffee and chocolate - what more could you ask for!

All of it was very yummy!

Then we drove to a place called Granite Gorge - very beautiful! And lots of wallabies. Wallabies look like a cross between a rabbit and an over-grown rat.

And they loved to be fed....the kids had a great time!

We also got a great hike in.

But I will say the drive back like to have done me in - we didn't go the way we came, and really -we should have. The road we took was very, very, very curving...and hilly....Melissa and I both were feeling and looking a little green by the time it was over.

Our last day we also slept in. We tried to go to church, but had the times wrong. So, we just walked around the downtown area and had a nice lunch.

Well, nice until the crazy lady to tried to talk to Benjamin. I'm not sure if she wanted him to come with her somewhere or if she was trying to get the camera. He was a little ways from us - but still in our view. As soon as the lady started to walk towards him, Drew was headed that way and got there first. We're not sure if she was drunk or crazy - either way she scared Ben a little. He stayed closed by for quite a while!

Afterwards we went back to the apartment - the kids got back in the pool and I did the last of the laundry and read a book. Drew took a nap - of course!

We all slept some before we had to leave at 11:30pm for our 1:30 am flight. The flight home was fine - bumpy at times - it's no fun being woken out of a dead slept with a dropping feeling and words in your head like, "Please, Jesus, please, Jesus"!

Thankfully, He said yes and we landed safe and sound. We were back to our house by 7AM.

It's always good to come home back to you own bed!

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