Friday, December 5, 2008

Cairns: Day Four & Five

Our day four was Thanksgiving day. We slept-in then hit the mall for what one of the things I was looking forward to: TARGET!!! Yes, Australia has a Target!!

And it was like coming home.

Well, almost - some things were different, but hey! Beggars can't be choosers!!!

Between the sales and the exchange rate I racked up several outfits. And a few Christmas presents along the way (yes, presents for the kids not me!)

The first time I only had about 45 minutes - afterwards, I told Drew, "That was so not enough time! I didn't even make it out of the clothing section." So, after our Mexican Thanksgiving Day lunch (and let me be the first to tell you Australians can't cook Mexican), Drew took the kids swimming while I went back to the mall and Target.

It was great afternoon.

For our 5th day we went to the Great Barrier Reef - probably Drew's best/favorite day; my worst/least favorite day. Drew got to dive at three different sites. I got to snorkel with the kids.

Which would have been great if Ben had been in a great mood.

But instead he impersonated a five year old.

Or maybe it was a three year old.
All I know there was a lot of crying by him and lot of threatening looks by me.

Maybe some screaming.

By both of us.

We had to wear these blue stinger suits b/c the jellyfish could be really bad. He didn't like his suit. And as soon as he got in the water he got stung on the one place that was not covered - his finger. The boat didn't have life-jackets for snorkeling - only noodles. I was so afraid that I would pull it out from underneath Ben, that I couldn't enjoy myself. And the fact that he wasn't really swimming...he wanted me to do all the work and pull him. NOT FUN!!

But when he was on the boat with William and I got to snorkel with Melissa - I had a great time!

We all (well, except for the crying one) got to see sharks. Very cool. They were small and stayed one the bottom of the ocean floor.

So, we can now say we have swam with sharks.

Very cool, indeed.

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