Sunday, December 21, 2008

Onward to Christmas..right after the tour of doctors...

The office party we hosted last night went well - I think everyone had a good least they said they did...and of course, they won't lie to the boss, right?? I had a lot of fun and very nice to see everyone. And the food - great food! One family brought sweet potato casserole - the good kind with pecans on top - HEAVEN!

Afterwards we all headed to Rota last year, it wasn't perfect...but nice. Last year I was talking to one of the other wives and Drew and the kids got so far ahead of me I had to stop another agent and get him to call Drew on his cell phone to tell him to stop and WAIT for me. This year it was the boys that got so far ahead of us that we didn't even see them until we got back to the house. In fact, we weren't even sure they were together. But on base is a good place for them to be "lost".

Until someone ask them who their father is....that may not go over well...But alls well that ended well. The kids had a great time...even if it wasn't with us...maybe they had a better time without us!

We still have the bouncy house - in fact Drew and I even got in it today. And no, pictures of that - Drew asked for the camera to stay in the house. Right now I think we have several other kids in the bouncy house. It was really a great investment! All the kids enjoyed it last night and my kids just love having it for the whole weekend.

So with last night over our commitments for Christmas are over and we start on the next thing: The tour of doctors and Christmas.

(Speaking of tour of doctors...I really thought at 11 pm last night we were going to have to make another trip to the ER - Ben was in a lot of ear pain. Thank goodness it was just congestion and not an infection. And sleeping with him on the couch? I'm just gettign too old for that.)

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy