Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to Lessons

In the fall I began to give sewing lessons to our babysitter, Adrianna. A family that she babysat for had a sewing machine that they did not use nor want and so when the mom found out that Adrianna wanted to learn to sew, they gave it to her. During the fall I helped Adrianna make several bags similar to the ones I made for the ladies retreat last spring. (You can clink here to see the bags...of course, I made a few changes....)

Adrianna even made several bags as Christmas presents. These bags are a great way to practice sewing in straight lines and practicing cornors. And they are super cute!!

Today was the first day we were able to met since before Christmas. We are now working on reading and using a pattern. We were able to lay out the pattern and cut it all out. She even learned how to sew darts today.

A friend of mine needs a refresher course in sewing so she was able to join us today. She thinks her main problem is just remembing how to work her mahine. She wasn't able to bring her machine today, but hopefully next week she will.

The last time I gave a sewing lesson was in the fall of 2005 shortly after Drew left for Iraq. I taught a teenage sewing class for Hancock Fabrics, but realized soon after Drew deployed that some things needed to go in my life and that was one of them. It's been fun sharing my love and skill for sewing.

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