Thursday, January 29, 2009

...but I play one at work....

Before we moved to Guam we knew that it was hard for spouses to get jobs. Just about everyone downtown wants to hired a local person or some one who can speak Japanese - which I don't. Jobs are hard to come by on the base as well. Spouses do get priority in hiring, but it none qualify then it usually goes to a local person - and they NEVER quit.

And why should they? The get paid more here on base than they would downtown and some are able to shop here on base as well - a great incentive.

Which is why we planned for me to be a sub at the elementary school here on base. Over all, it has worked out very well. For the most part I work when I want to and am able to attend the kids' events and get some things that I want to do done.

One of the first jobs I had as a sub was for one of the nurses. Since I got along so good with the nurse that was present, they requested me when either of them would be out. I think it's the best job up there!! I just hand out band-aides and ice packs all day - and get paid the same amount as I would if I had to teach a room full of kindergartens all day. Because I have been in the nurses' office so often many people think I'm actually a nurse.

This year I haven't been in the nurses' office that much since they now have at least one sub that's really a nurse.

I actually had nursing has my major in college for a while...but then realized that I really don't like sick people....about the same time as I failed biology.

Funny how those things go together.


Tonight a friend called me asking for help with her daughter - because I'm a nurse you know. The daughter had a vaccine yesterday and was have some kind of reaction. We got on the CDC's web site and looked at the different responses that could happen with this vaccine. I think the little girl will be fine - she just seem to fall into the 25% that had a bad reaction.

But I'm not a nurse...but I do play one at work.

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Jolyn said...

I have a friend here in Ohio who just PCS'd from Guam this summer, a little earlier than planned because of health problems...
Sounds like you found a perfect job to occupy your time, when it works out.

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy