Thursday, January 22, 2009

A New Way to Torture My Children

Last week I subbed in the 5th grade language arts class. The lesson plans were really easy - I only had to show the DVD movie, A Wrinkle in Time. It was great...except that the movie was two hours long and the class was only one hour and 40 minutes.

So, I saw the movie six times...but only the first hour and 40 minutes....never the end...

But that's not the new way to torture my children.

I ended up finding the book and reading the end, so I did find out the ending.

I did think,though that the kids would enjoy the story, so I checked the book out at the library and for the last week or so I have been reading the book to the kids. I can only read a chapter or two at a time then either my voice or the time gives out. Tonight I read several chapters and stopped at nine o'clock.

Nine o'clock - it's time for them to go to bed and for me to watch Top Chef.

Oh, the moans and groans! We only have three chapters left and its at a really good point in the story - they so wanted to continue!!

I'm sure if one of them could get the book away from me they would be reading the book under the covers with a flash-light - much like their mother would do!

But there's always school..YEAH!!!

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Scribbit said...

That's the great thing about being a kid in the summer in Alaska, you can sneak a book at night and never need a light it's so bright out ;)

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