Friday, February 27, 2009

Drew Really Does Need to Come Home Now

One of the bad things about Drew being off island is that I have a hard time sleeping. So, this week as normal when he's gone, I've had trouble going to sleep. This afternoon it caught up with me. I had less than an hour to get the kids from school, when I sat down to read for few minutes.

Even though I knew I needed to pick the kids up from school at 2:15, I decided to lay down and just get a quick cat-nap in.

I woke-up at 2:30.


So, I jumped into the car to go and find my children.

By the time I got to them, they were just around the corner from the house.

Oh, yeah. What a great way to start the weekend - walking home from school in the wind and mist.

Drew really needs to come home.

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Dawn said...

I have always been scared that I would do that. Those times I lay down with Liam to get him to take a nap, and then I fall asleep.

Wish I was there to help you out while Drew is gone!!

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy