Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Night

I don't know why this one week trip of Drew's was so hard, but it was. I'm very glad he came home last night. It's just so nice to have him in the house again - even if he goes to bed eary because he's jet-lagged. I hate being a happily-married-single-parent!!

His conference went well -I think more so than he thought it would. One bad part was rumblings of him deploying again...this time for six months instead of a year....and not right away....but probably by the end of the year...we'll see.

Yesterday was William's 12th birthday.We had cake and ice cream last night when we got in from the airport. This year was a low-key year....he'll get a big party with his friends next year if he wants one. We were going rock climbing, but got to the place right after a party started so we left - they were just way too busy for us (we'll try again another time). But we did have a fantastic Japanese lunch. I think I found my new favorite restaurant!

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Anonymous said...

Happy 12th Birthday to of our favorite Japanese Babies! Our family so loves to eat Japanese on Skylar's bday too. Glad your man is home again safely. :)

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy