Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Long (Blogless) Weekend

I didn't mean to take a long weekend here on the blog, but every time I went to the computer either a kid was on it or Drew was....or both as they would be on the desk-top and he would be on the lap-top. To be fair most of the time was Drew trying to fix our Outlook program.

A few months ago we left it up during the night and we had a power outage, so it didn't get shut down properly. Since then we've had issues. This past week it was the password box - it would come up every 30 seconds. Not very helpful when you're trying to get an email out! So, between trying to fix that as well as upload some new software on both computers, I didn't really get near the Internet much.

But we did have a good weekend. Saturday afternoon the girls soccer team challenged the boys' team to at game.

All I could think of was "Lord, please, let the boys at least score once." And score we did! And who got the first goal??? My William - YEAH!! Poor kid didn't score all season no matter how hard he tried, but Saturday he got the first goal within minutes of the game starting. He was so happy and proud of himself.

The girls tried, but in the end I think it was the boys 4 to their 1. (The reason I thought the girls might do better is that their season is now where as the boys played in the fall - I was afraid they would be rusty...but no fear! They were not!)

Drew and I had a nice date Saturday night- dinner and a walk on the beach - with the kids at home - perfect night!

Sunday was a nice a day at church. Our Sunday school teacher defined faithfulness as "brand loyal"- the brand, of course, being Jesus. I thought that was a nice way to think of faithfulness - always choosing Jesus and His way.

Last night was the ladies monthly fellowship - the numbers were a little low, but I think the ones who came had a nice time. I spoke on encouragement. My co-leader, Bekah, and I have one more month to plan, then we let the next leader of programs take over - YEAH! It's been fun, but I'm ready to volunteer in another area.

Off to my Tuesday- enjoy your day!

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