Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, Everyone!

It's already Easter Morning here in Guam - and a beautiful morning it is!! No, we didn't make it to the sunrise service. If anyone knows how much my husband likes to sleep-in, then that's no surprise! But we will make it to the 9 o'clock service.

And no, the Easter Bunny hasn't made his arrival here at our house....for some reason he always shows up after nap time here....might have something to do with the husband likes to sleep in!

We had a great day yesterday! Melissa and I went to the base's Easter Egg Hunt and Carnival. SOOO MUCH BETTER than last year! Last year all the eggs had one star-burst and it was so aggressive that my kids only got about two or three eggs a piece. This year was seem to have more thought put in it. The eggs were stuff with a small toys or stickers or a piece of candy (not start-burst!!) and they actually had a carnival afterwards with lots of stations/game booths/displays for the kids to have fun. We didn't stay too long - Melissa and I were hot and she wasn't really interested in playing any of the games. They were more for younger children.

We did stop to see the brown tree snake demonstration.

All seven feet of him.

So. very. glad. he. was. put. back. in. a. CAGE.

Ugly things.

In the afternoon we went for a hike here on base - talk about so amazing views!! WOW!! And yes, I will post photos soon. We're really having issues with this computer, but hopefully Drew and I will have it all worked out and then I'll download some photos...I don't want to add to the confusion right now.

Later today we plan on going to down to the beach - there will be several baptisms there we want to go and support our friends and be a witness.

To be baptized on Easter. Wow. Now, that's a testimony of He has Risen! He has Risen Indeed!

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