Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday - Already???

Yes, it's already Saturday here in Guam. It was a busy week! We had something every afternoon - very unusual for us. Monday I went to the doctor's looking for relief from my allergies. I'm trying a new far it makes me sleep really well since I take it at night, but I don't wake up in time to exercise in the mornings...not sure how that'll work out once my body adjust to it.

Tuesday we had piano - we were doing piano on Thursdays, but had to switch because of cross country. Wednesday I had an eye check-up - all's well with my eyes! Thursday was cross country for William and soccer for Ben.

Last week William didn't do as well as the first week, but this week he was back to running the mile and half at 11 minutes or so. We think he was at 11:02 or 03. I tried to take a picture of him as he cross the finish line but another runner got in the way.

Friday was a free afternoon, but I had been battling a headache all day at work, so when I came home I gave in and slept on the couch while the kids played at friends'.

Today Ben has his first soccer game of the season - he is SO. HAPPY. This kid loves soccer! At some point I plan on going to the commissary....I have not been in about ten days...even though there is food in the house, I'm out of breakfast stuff like waffles...they just may stage a revolt if I don't go and buy more.

Enjoy your day...or night...whatever it is where you are!

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy