Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Americn Idol

It's Wednesday night and I'm watching American myself. The kids are in bed - I'm sure not sleeping yet - they were very wired by AWANAs tonight. Drew was here for a little while - but he was only here to change clothes and grab a late supper.

Personally, I'm glad I can't vote in this year's American Idol. No one blows me away.

What I really would like to see is for Paula to be voted off....but since that's not going to happen.

So - yeah - the kids were hyper by AWANAs - it was store night. All the kids earn "AWANA bucks" or points - for saying verses, wearing the uniform, bringing their books, etc and tonight they were able to spend it all on toys, candy, games, books, - you name it and we had it - it was like a mini Toys R Us! (Or Toys 4 Us as my kids use to say!)

The big buy tonight was William getting a slip-n-slid, Benjamin buying another "wed-kinz" (much to his father's displeasure as he has declared that we enough stuff animals), and Melissa got a really nice pink tee-shirt.

I enjoy AWANAs but two more weeks...YEAH!!!! I'm ready for summer break.

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Leaping For Joy