Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Last of the Sounds

Right now I'm listening to William practice the trumpet. He started at the beginning of school and I think has come a long way in just less than nine months. He really enjoyed it until around February. I mean he really enjoyed it! I didn't have to remind him to practice or anything - he just did it.

Then it was like some one flipped a switch. He hated it. When he was asked - told! - to practice - ohh...the drama of it all. But he knew he had to keep at it until the end of school.

I wasn't sure why he started to dislike it. I thought maybe some one was teasing him about it, but he said no. (After all, half the sixth graders are in band. The other half are in choir. Yes, literally. They had to chose one or the other - no other choice.)

Then I thought maybe he didn't like it anymore because he was tired of carrying the trumpet back and forth to school. After all, the thing is heavy!

But today we were going to school we talked about. He finally said why - He says it's too slow. That he can't work ahead, but has to stay with the group.

I just found that a little funny. But I do understand it. He's been taking piano lessons since he was a preschooler. For the first two years he was in a group lesson for piano, but since then in private lessons and has been able to work at his own pace.

One more month of school - one more month of trumpet - and yeah. He may not, but I'll miss it. I like the house filled with music.

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