Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm Back

Drew and I are back from our impromptu vacation - without the children.

Yes, it was very nice. But it invoked lots of thoughts....

...having friends willing to keep your three even though they have none? Truly priceless.

...realizing you're on a boat with no life jackets other than the one you're wearing? A little disconcerting.

...but very disconcerting when you realized the boat really is moving - and moving fast while you are snorkeling and hanging onto a side rope.

....propellers look very sharp as they whiz around.....

...sea turtles and sharks are really very cool looking...but very glad the sharks were way below me!!

... and that Napoleon Fish? Very glad it was also far away.

...have your dive master and boat driver pop betel nut constantly is a little unnerving.

...thank you Jesus for not letting me die on a boat this week...or a plane....

...being Internet free for days? It's doable...and we probably all need to do it once in a while.

...when you tell me you're an university professor and only have to teach six months out of the year and you travel the rest, really tells me you're not teaching at an ivy league school or one that's accredited...

...favorite quote of the trip: "An American salary is heaven." We truly take our life in America for granted.

...I never want to live in a third-world country again.

...taro is nasty tasting.

...a 2 a.m. flight back home almost ruins a fine vacation.

...being attacked by three kids at 6:30 a.m. is more than wonderful.

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