Sunday, June 14, 2009

Off to a Great Summer

Thursday at 10:45 school started - YEAH!! And within one hour the kids were already fussing at each other.

Are you kidding me??? This is so not how our summer will be!!

After threatening not to go see a movie, they quickly got their act together and got along. And we all enjoyed the movie, UP. We did not see the 3D version. I'm not sure what they are charging in the States, but here it's an extra $2.50 a person....and since it was four of us plus a friend of Melissa's with us, I decided we would just skip the extras and go for the basic movie. Overall, it's a good movie. I really liked the dogs - they had several funny lines.

Friday was a day I really enjoyed - William did not. I made him clean out his room. Every box, basket, and drawer was dumped and gone through - as well as all his clothes. We made the discovery that he really doesn't have any long pants that fit.

Oh, well. It's summer here all year, so he really doesn't need long pants. Yes, I even let him wear shorts to church. I'm sure some of my grandparents would roll over in their graves over that one....oh, well. We do live on a tropical island.

Saturday I bought a new bookshelf. Our book selection has over-grown. In the past we typically didn't buy a lot of books - we didn't need to. We have wonderful libraries with great choices. That's not the case here. Hence, we're buying more and more books. Today we were able to put the bookshelf together and we now have all of the kids' books organized.

We also went bowling after church - lots of fun! I actually got a strike! The day also included lots of hanging out and being lazy....yep....a great way to start the summer!

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