Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday's been a few days since I've posted....not sure why I couldn't get it done. We had a good week - the kids got lots of playing done. We even went to the beach one afternoon. We tried to get some bowling in, but they were closed because the A/C was out. The biggest event of the week was I hurt my shoulder - again. And yes, it was exercising - again. It feels much better today. I plan to rest it for the next several weeks, then re-join my group. If the shoulder starts to hurt again, I'll go in to the doctor's.

I really had a good time exercising with my friends though - even if I complained through most of the time! This group has been meeting for several months but because of subbing at the school I never could join till this summer.

Right now our big news is we are trying to get to the States to spend part of July with our families. Drew's leave begins in five and half hours! YEAH! We will be 'hopping' - military space available. The flight we really wanted that would have taken us all the way to Memphis is not coming this way this week like we thought it would. So, we're on to plan B.

There are several flights out of here Monday and Tuesday going towards Hawaii and the States. We're hoping God blesses us with five seats on one of the flights....we are ready for a good dose of family and the States!

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy