Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lots of Family Time

We flow in on Wednesday and by Thursday afternoon we had made our way to the lake house owned by one of Drew's brothers. We stayed there until late Monday morning. We had a great time being lazy, watching the kids swim, and just visiting with all the family and friends that came in.

The kids had a blast with all their cousins. This is what Drew and I miss the most with us living so away: the kids growing up with family close by. In fact right now William and Ben are still at the boy cousin's house and we have all the girls here at Nana and Papaw's house.

Yesterday I went shopping at my.self. It was WONDERFUL! I found several great "bargains". Packages of erasers for ten cents. Rubbermaid sandwiches containers - a set of four for only a dollar. Great size water bottles for fifty cents. It was delightful!

Today I went to the mall and also had a delightful time. I found several shirts for five dollars a piece. YEAH!

But what cracked me up was one ladies' question. In several stores I made the comment that I was really enjoying the shopping - the selection - that I just didn't have that where I lived. Most replied, "Where are you from?" or"Where do you live?" But my favorite - "Where you stay?"

Oh, yeah...I'm back in the South.

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Carie said...

YEEHAW! Don't you miss the south? Sounds like you are having a shopping marathon. My question is not "Where do you stay?" but "How do you get all that stuff back?" :-)

Wish you could drop in Saturday night for BBQ and cake. We are celebrating because I'm 40! (and feeling fabulous, I must add!)

:-) Hey, if you have time, please drop by my blog and answer my questions about why you blog! I'm doing research for school and would love your input.

Have fun, and enjoy some sweet tea today!

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy