Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday in the Real World

Today started with a real breakfast from Chick-fila. In a word: heaven! That chicken biscuit is still the best 17 grams of fat. Ever.

Then we took the kids to this place called Excalibur. Basically, it's a casino for kids. Sort of like Chuck E Cheese. But this has laser tag (which Melissa won) and bumper cars and go-carts. My kids and their two cousins really had a blast. It was really funny to see the kids drive a car. This was the first time any of our kids did anything like that. Melissa had sunglasses on and looked so hollywood. (Maybe I'll figure out how to get my photos from my camera without the cord on to the laptop....we'll see.)

Afterwards Mom and I went shopping. We really only went to Lifeway and a decorating store. It was really nice to be in Lifeway. I love Lifeway. I bought three books and two CDs. So much fun!

The decorating store would have been more fun if I had a house in the area to decorate. And some knowledge of how to actually display any of the beautiful stuff I saw.

We did drive around town. It's just weird in some ways to be back in a city that I grow up in....and haven't visited much since I was sixteen. Lots of memories....good and bad....sweet and bitter....but fun. And with more perspective.

And we got several games of scrabble in. Since Drew is with us this year, we're letting him play...even though he is so much better than Mom and I. And he frowns on us using the dictionary. He calls is cheating.

Which of course, it's not.

It's using our resources. Which is what the schools are teaching our kids to do, so why not us too?!!!

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Carie said...

Come play Scrabble with us, and I'll let you use the dictionary all you want!

So glad you are having such a great vacation! Know it's gone fast.... Will be eager to hear from you when you get home!

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy