Thursday, July 16, 2009

State-side Update

Since I've last posted we have enjoyed more family time. We were able to see just about all of my family (only my uncle and aunt from VA were absent) Saturday night. It was a great visit with my cousin and his family and my aunt. We were also able to get Drew some clothes that actually fit him.

And let me tell you how good he looks! Yummy!

Sunday I went to the church that I was baptized in...except they have torn down that building and have a huge new building and of course, after all these years there's a different pastor. So...not really at the same church. It was nice - the pastor was very good.

Monday we went back to Natchez to see one of Drew's brother's that was out of town last weekend. We left the kids with Drew's parents while we made a quick trip to Jackson. We had a great supper and visit with my aunt, then got up very early so Drew could make it to the airport. He's now back in Guam after a very long, but smooth trip.

After another night in Natchez visiting the in-laws there, the kids and I are now in Mandeville, LA visiting our former Maryland neighbors. It's been great seeing them - my boys are just so happy to be with their friends again.

We were going to visit another family, but they are sick - yuck. We'll skip the germs! Tomorrow we'll head back to West Monroe to hang out for the weekend. As of now, my flight leaves Memphis on Wednesday morning. If all goes well, we'll be in Guam next Friday night Guam time.

Oh yeah - I went to Target today. Deep sigh....heaven! And I found a World Market - also heaven!


Polly said...

Since you haven't posted in a while, I was hoping you were having a good time.
I'm still jealous! Enjoy the rest of your trip.
And I was in World Market today. So much stuff, so little money! So little space to put it all in. :D
Take care and have a great trip to Guam!

Carie said...

Let us know how your trip home went. Hope you are safely home by now and not sitting in a terminal....

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Leaping For Joy