Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just Another Day in Guam

I had a conversation earlier about leaving Guam. I'm not wishing to leave tomorrow, but I will be happy when the day comes. I know there are parts of Guam I'll miss - mainly the nice weather all. year. long.

And I never have to switch out mine or the kids' seasonal clothes. Now that's nice!

But the experience I had in buying a battery is case in point of what I won't miss about Guam.

We own a Camry with a "key-less" entry - meaning as long as the key - which is just a remote- not in a key shape at all- is on our persons we can open the cardoor as well as start the car by pushing a button. For the last several weeks we have known that the battery in Drew's remote was low and needing replacing. In fact we had even looked at the BX and another store one base for one. But then my remote battery also needed replacing, the chore went from "whenever" to "NOW!"

I started at the BX hoping that they had a new shipment. No luck. (Store #1). So, I tried next door at the small store (store #2). No, but she did try to sell me a size 2023 - no, I need a 1632. "Oh, hai! Hai!" (Japanese for "yes"), No, I don't sell that - I will order for you." "Okay, how long will that take?" "Hmmm...for you only three maybe four weeks." "Weeks?? no, thank you, I need it now."

So, off base I went. I tried Peggy's (store #3)because not only can you sometimes see a cow tied up by the parking lot while you buy your school supplies or household cleaners, they also sell car parts. She, too, tried to sell me size 2023. No thank you. "HEY! Why don't you try Pay-less?"

Okay, why not. It's grocery store, but it's also Guam, and if the locals say go there, I'll go there. But Pay-less (store #4) also tried to sell me the larger 2023.

Oh, how I wish that was the size I was looking for!!

On down the island in the rain I drove -next stop: KMart (YES! World's largest! and also store #5). I tried the jewelry counter and electronics, but no luck with 1632. Lot's of other sizes - yes, including 2032.

Then I walked across the parking lot to the Ford (store #6) place hoping against hope that they would have it. They also, had lots of larger sizes like 2032 if I would like that size. "Thanks,"

There was only one place left on the island to go: the Toyota Dealership (st0re #7). And guess what? Praise all that is good, they had the right size!!! Of course, it is a Toyota car, so it's good thing! And the price?

Yeah...I had to take a deep breathe when he told me the price. A whopping $14.95. It's just a small watch-like battery. They sell them at Wal-Mart for $3.99. But no. I paid $14.95 - a piece. And I needed two.

If I knew my remote would last one more week, I would have said no and gotten a family member to find the thing and mail it to me. But I was afraid of waiting that long - I was already waving my remote in front of the dash so the car would start.

$29.90 is worth not being stuck somewhere with a dead car.

But seven places looking for the battery? Now, that's only available in Guam.

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