Saturday, August 15, 2009


In the quilting world UFO's stand for UnFinished Objects. I rarely have any - I like to start a project then finish it as soon as I can. A project for me usually has a set agenda - a gift for someone mostly. But over the last year or so I have started several project just because I've had the itch to sew...and I have made it a goal to use the three boxes of fabric I have before I buy more.
Yes, if I let myself I would hoard fabric. It's all so pretty and it gives me so many ideas!! But I just don't have time for all of them, so I put some fabric away while I work on a special gift. But no more buying of fabric.

(Yes, I had to repeat this to myself several times when I was in the could be a drug for me...but at least it's healthy for me!)

As I have tried to use the fabric I have, four UFOs have come about. Partly because I would need to set them aside until I could buy the right matching fabric or batting. Which can be hard to do here on Guam. Or I just didn't have the time to work on them during the school year. Or I would need to work on a gift. Or a really good book would take up my time....or I was just lazy...

Since I've been back from our trip to the States, I have made a point to finish my four UFO's. And now they are done!! YEAH!!! The blue boy quilt is one that Melissa actually did most of the piecing....she did a great job! Some of the Christmas fabric I have had for about 15 years...yeah it was time to use it. The lap quilt is from many of the tote bags I made last year for our ladies retreat. I'll probably at some point give all of these away as gift...not sure who yet..

That fall table runner? That's one just for me. I love fall colors. I love fall...the change of the tree leaves...the cool crisp football games (Hotty Toddy!)...the excitement of Thanksgiving and Christmas coming....all of which I don't really have here in Guam.

But that's okay, too. I'll miss one more fall, then we're back to the real world away from Paradise. (yes, I'll miss the weather here when I'm deep in snow in January and wished to be warm in March) But for now, I'll use my fall table runner and curl up with one of my lap quilts while the AC is blowing full blast.


Polly said...

As usual, I am in awe and jealous of the work you do. So pretty! One day WILL come and I'll sew. It may be when I'm 90, but dang it, I'll do it.

Carie said...

I remember than you were crafty, but I didn't remember that you were a quilter. Beautiful work, Kel. WOW!

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Leaping For Joy