Friday, September 25, 2009

Busy Week

This can't be too long because I need to get the kids up and ready for's amazing how fast the morning comes some days.

I have worked three days this week - all in first grade. Today the first grade class I'm in has an aide all morning - nice! I've already been told that she'll do most of the actually teaching since she knows the order and way of the class. Fine by me. Less stress.

William's soccer game on Tuesday was another not-so-good game. The refs were bad. Really bad. As in one looked like she was texting on the field during the game. True all the action was at the other end of the field, but still - hello! You're suppose to be working! And the other one didn't make calls against the other team. Like one of our guys receiving a head-lock...but the boy said he "didn't' mean to do it." that makes it okay? New rule to me.

And when one of our players was kicked in the ....well...let's just say he'll wear a cup from now on, that didn't get called either - our parents and coach were none too happy. When you have a player laying down on the field, you really should STOP THE GAME!

Oh, and what got me - they never moved. As in they never really followed the ball and the play, but just stayed in their own little space. Like they didn't want to exert any energy.

After our coach yelled at the refs, the refs ended up calling the game making us forfeit. Great. Just great. I guess now you can't yell at the refs. And no, he wasn't even cussing or threatening them.

ANYWAY! We play again today and rumor has it, it's the same set of refs. Maybe we should ask for their cells phones to be left in their cars before the game starts.....

Okay, this is longer than I thought it would....but now I really need to start my day. Of course, I'm really regretting agreeing to work Rebels are on TV beginning at 9:30 am. Well, at least, I know where I'll spend my lunch time!

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