Sunday, September 13, 2009


William's soccer games started this week. And boy! What a hard start it was.

The first game was Tuesday and we played at what is probably the most beautiful field on all of the island. Even though we are in a league with private schools, it seems that most of the team we played are on a traveling team part of the year. A traveling team that won most of games and tournaments they played in.

And they were so much bigger than we were. We lost 6-2. We got ran over - they just were so much bigger they could out run us. They also had a team about three times the size of ours in numbers. We had no subs at all - all of our boys had to play the entire time. They were dead at the end of the game. But played with all their hearts.

There were a few bad calls by the refs, but a few during a while game can be over looked. After all, the refs can't see everything.

But that wasn't the case in our second game. The refs were flat out against us. We had been told before we moved to Guam that there was some discrimination against whites within the private schools, but I had not seen any until this game. So many times they flat out refused to call anything against the local team, but would against us if the slightest thing happen.

We had our goalie kicked even when he had his arms around the ball, two of our boys kicked from behind with no ball around, another player elbowed in the eye, another pulled down by the neck of his jersey, several times the ball should have been given to us, but instead was given to the other team. Several boys got knocked down pretty hard - including William. He limped for several minutes. I was ready to pull him off the field. I know - such the momma in me. He probably wouldn't have come!

What really got all of us was when we were on the attack the ref stopped the game so the other side could make substitutes, but wouldn't let us make subs a few minutes later when they were on the attack. Our coach was so mad!

Our athletic director was at the game and was not happy either. He'll be filing a complaint.

But no matter how mad our coach was, he made a point of telling the boys at the end they were to have sportsmanship and congratulate the other time and shake their hands. Hopefully, it was a good lesson for the boys.

And hopefully, next time the refs will be color blind.

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