Monday, September 14, 2009


Today did not go exactly as planned. Plan A was to spend the day getting ready to speak at the PWOC fellowship tonight and to do a few errands, then go watch William play soccer in the afternoon, and end the evening at the PWOC fellowship.

But instead I had a day with William - he's running a fever, has a headache and a sore throat. We spent most of the day on the couch watching TV. We did get to see some good football....that's always a good thing.

Which is why I love fall.

Football rocks!

Back to my life....sick kids....Melissa also is complaining about a headache, but has not had run a fever yet. Where William is eating next to nothing, Melissa still has a great appetite. Her butt went to school.

Benjamin on the other hand is find and dandy.

I'm praying that he stays that way.

I did make it to the PWOC fellowship - after all I was the speaker....sort of needed to be there. I think it went fine....other than my legs shaking the whole time I was speaking!

We'll see what tomorrow brings. I know I'll have William home as he still had a fever late in the day. With all the nasty bugs going around, the kids really need to be fever-free for 24 hours.

Looks like I won't be working much this week. Oh, well, There are worst things in life!

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy