Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today brought another day home with a sick William. By mid-morning his fever was gone and stayed gone - he never even asked for any meds for a headache - hip-hip-hooray! I officially declare him well.

Melissa still complained about a headache, but she never ran a fever. And Benjamin is still fine-and-dandy. All will be back on a normal schedule tomorrow.

I got a few things done around the house today, but spent most of the day on the computer uploading pictures so I can update my photo albums. Computers are a wonderful thing -when they work the way you wan them to! But after several tries, I got all the pictures from not just this summer, but really from the last ten months ordered.

Tomorrow PWOC's Bible study fall session begins - I'm so excited! Since I traveled this summer is been since the spring since I was in a study group. I'm looking forward to being back with some Jesus-loving friends. This session I'll be taking the Beth Moore's Esther: It's Tough Being a Women. It should be great.

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Polly said...

Yeah! Glad W is feeling better.

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy