Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Book of Friends

This week I read a very interesting book called "The Girls From Ames". I really enjoyed it -especially after the last two books I read (The Time Traveler's Wife & Hand with Care) were very depressing.

The Girls From Ames chronicles the lives of eleven girls from Ames, Iowa who have been friends for most of their lives. Several meet when they were elementary school, but all began friends in high school and still are friends. It was refreshing to read about such a friends - how these friendship enrich their lives. It's encouraging to read about how the friends help each other.

One negative thing about moving around as a military wife, is leaving my friends -or having them leave me. I have been blessed to be able to keep in touch with many of them, but I do secretly hope that one day I will get to move back close to them. Or they get to move close to me.

Since moving to Guam, I have seen many friends move away here. In fact - because this is an over-seas location - we will all move away. It'll be our turn in about seven months. And no, we don't know where. We are hoping to be closer to family. Of course, anywhere else other than Guam is closer.

But I'm really hoping/praying that I get to move close to a good telling what kind of trouble we would get in to!

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Leaping For Joy