Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sun-Kissed Day

We spent the better part of today at the water-park, Tarza. And for Guam, it's not a bad park. I like it because it's small enough that you can't really lose your children.

And the lazy river.

I really like the lazy river.

I did go down one water-slide. It was fun, but not enough to walk up that big hill again. Maybe I had felt better....but we had a beautiful day! Full of sun! Not even a small rain storm. The perfect day for a water-park.

Of course, like anything else here in Guam it was full of tourist from Asia....mostly Japan and Korea. I really wish someone would explain to them that Speedo on middle aged men are not attractive.

At. All.

I did feel bad for the red-tinted Japanese....some one needs to explain to them how to apply sun-block. One lady I saw will be in lots of pain tomorrow.

It was a wonderful way to end on to 2010....Happy New Year's, everyone!

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy