Friday, January 1, 2010

Makin' Good on a Threat

For quite awhile now after Ben's bath time, we have had a conversation. Mainly it's me reminding him that baths are for getting clean - which not just water but soap is required. And water needs to be on his body not just all over the bathroom.

So. I told him that he couldn't remember how to bath with all the correct items, I would put my swim suit on and show him.

Tonight was the night.

The boys came in from playing golf and they were...well...stinky to say the least. I told Ben to go ahead and take his bath while I finished cooking dinner. At the dinner table a little while later, I asked him if he used any soap. Melissa leaned over and took a sniff, "No, I don't smell any soap!"

He had that guilty look.

I asked if he remember what would happen if he kept forgetting. He was not happy. He asked if he would be wearing his swimming suit as well. I said, "You'll be wearing your birthday suit."

"Birthday suit? What's that?"

"Well, what were you wearing on your birth day when you were born?"

"Umuhmmmmmm." (Translation: not a happy boy.)

I told him later that I had given birth to him and that anything he had was no surprise to me.

After he took him sweet time eating, he and I went back into the bathroom. Me in swim suit and he in his birthday suit. We proceeded to have a discussion and a demonstration with the water and soap.

Hopefully, he won't be forgetting how to use them together.

Of course, now I have created another problem. Drew says he is now having problems remembering how to bath and maybe I should help him as well.

Without my swim-suit.


Polly said...

Love you!

Mai said...

Y'know he's filing this incident away for the therapist later on.

Audria said... that I have stopped crying while laughing!!! He is so going to need to talk to someone when he gets older. But I bet it worked!

Anonymous said...


I bet you scarred him for life!

Still lol!

Happy New Year!

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy