Saturday, January 9, 2010

Movie Weekend...Sort of....

I tried to see the Blind Side (for the 2nd time) at the base last night with a friend, but for some reason the base did not receive it on time and ended up showing some other movie. My friend and I decided to just go home and try again next week.

But today Drew and I finally saw Julie and Julia...or it is Julia and Julie??? Which ever - it's a good flick! Well worth the "on-demand" price we paid. I think I would have even enjoyed it paying full price a the theater! Very good!

Afterwards we went downtown to an Italian restaurant for dinner - also, very good!! I think we'll even take the kids next time!

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Carie said...

Nice weekend!

Julie and Julia really spoke to me as a writer and communicator. Julia Child is someone I greatly admire, so the movie was fun. Elisabeth and David really liked it too.

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Leaping For Joy