Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Giving Everyone a Good Laugh

Today I was meeting a few friends for coffee, but before I left I went over to meet a new neighbor. They actually moved in before Christmas and I had yet to meet them. So day was the day. She was very nice with a cute five month old Elizabeth finishing up her breakfast.

After I chatted a few minutes I returned to the house to get ready to meet my friends. I had planned to bring some fresh blueberry muffins and all the fixings for peppermint coffee.

And that's when I realized it.

The door locked behind me.

And I had no key.

I walked around the front of the house, hoping that one of the front doors would happen to be unlocked.

No such luck...thanks to my safety-conscience husband.

I walked over to a different neighbor to borrow the phone. I further embarrassed myself by not remembering Drew's office number correctly and had to use her phone book.

Drew was in a meeting and I had to ask for his cell number because apparently I can't keep any phone number in my head. Of course, the meeting that Drew was in required him to turn off his cell phone.

The agent that answered the phone promised to let Drew know when he returned to the office.

I went ahead and walked to my friend's house...good thing everything on base is close by. I had a great visit with my friends and got to meet two of the cutest newborn twins you can ever see. It was a great visit...even if we didn't get to have my treats!

And yes, my husband did get the message and opened the house for me....laughing all the way.

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy