Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two Sick Boys and One Sassy Girl

The boys are sick. William's been sick since Sunday, Benjamin since Monday. I ended up taking Benjamin into the clinic yesterday because he was wheezing - and his asthma meds were expired. While he did have his yearly asthma check up this coming Monday, I didn't want to wait - I know how quickly he can take a turn downhill.

He did get some new - not expired- meds but also a breathing treatment. Even while he was in the mist of it, I could tell some of the side effects were starting to kick in: the jitters. All at once, it hit me, "oh, yeah...I forgot about that part....great."

When we got to the car, he said, "Part of me wants to run a marathon but the other part of me wants to just lay on the couch."

His response when I asked which part he would follow, "My brain." He just cracks me up.

Then there's William. As I said he's been sick since Sunday - coughing and very weak - just no energy at all. Late in the day he started to feel worse - rapid breathing and he said his hands were tingling and the tingling was starting to go up his arms. He just did not look well at all. He was freaked out, which freaked me out some. After talking to a friend, I ended up calling 911. After evaluating him, they (and the ER doctor they conferred with) felt he was not an emergency case. They did offer to take us to the ER, but I declined. The tingling eventually went away. I'll see how he's feeling in the morning, but I have a feeling we'll be making an appointment.

Sick since Sunday? Enough.

And now for my Sassy girl. I tried to take a picture of her and I. Well, I did take the picture, but she told me I could NOT post it.

Such a sassy thing.

She and I slipped out for little while this afternoon for an Ash Wednesday service at the chapel that ended with us receiving the sign of the cross with ashes on our forehead. The service was not well attended - it wasn't at a very good time. But it was a very nice service. My first Ash Wednesday service. Hopefully, it won't be my last.

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