Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just Life

Already, this has been quite a week. We enjoyed seeing Drew - if only for about ten hours..most of which was in the middle of the night with us all sleeping. But I'll take it. Sharing a bed for a few hours is better than no time at all. He finished one trip, came through Guam to clean his clothes, and is now in the States for a conference and house hunting. When I see him again, we just may be the proud owners of a house in Louisiana.

Sunday I did one of the things I hate most: going to church without Drew. For some reason I feel his absence most at church. Worshipping on Sundays has always been a family event for us as much as it is serving the Almighty. Of course, being an an Air Force base, I wasn't the only one who was without their spouse....it's good to have friends to sit next to.

Sunday afternoon the boys (Melissa was with friends) and I attended a graduation for the son of some friends. He has been home-schooled his whole education. It was a neat ceremony - very personal. He leaves soon for his summer job in the States then on to college. It was a glimpse of where we will be in five shorts years.

Monday I spent most of the day dealing with moving stuff and preparing for my last board meeting as president of the ladies' group at the chapel. One of the traditions of the group is to have a board retreat early in the year to plan and to get to know one another. As much as I like to get away, I didn't feel that a weekend retreat was right for us. I hosted luncheons every few months here at the house. Just a time for us to come together to break bread...to relax....to visit...to share with one another about our lives.

I'm sad to say that I missed the last one. I was to host one in February or March, but life was busy. I knew I wanted to do one last one, but once again - looking at my calendar and everyone else's I knew times were busy. Instead, I hosted this last board meeting here at the house (instead of the chapel) and had a dessert bar for everyone to enjoy.

If was fun to bake desserts that I can't make for my family (due to food allergies) -yes - most were chocolate and peanut butter! Soooo yummy.

Over all the meeting and dessert went well. One small issue. One lady has had issues....problems. with me. I don't do things like others. One example is the lack of that weekend board retreat in exchange of the luncheons. There's been a few other things as well....I just don't think like she does. I know she has tried to hint at how things "should" be.

Hints I have ignored. I feel that is she - or anyone else - feel strongly about something, then she should have laid things on the table instead of saying things like "I have some concerns, but I'm going to pray about them before I talk to Kelley or the rest of the board about them."

Okay - fine with me. But she never came to me.

All this to say that last night she gave her "end of the year report". All her frustration was there. I personally felt like I had been thrown under the bus. In front of many of my friends. In my own home.

But I understand where she is coming from. So many times we think...feel...we know best based on what we have done in the past. But I have learned that tradition for tradition sake is not worth anything. New ideas may not always work out, but it's worth learning the lessons. I am very comfortable with what this group has done and accomplished in this last year under me.

And I think my Lord is pleased as well.

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Dana said...

And God being pleased with what you've done is all that matters!

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Leaping For Joy