Monday, April 19, 2010

Orders Have Arrived!

Early Friday morning Drew received his orders for us to move. We rushed to the "TMO" office that handles the movers and were able to schedule that, we went by housing to notify them of the date we're moving out, made tons of copies of Drew's orders because it seems that every office needs ten copies, and we were even able to do the paperwork to request our airline tickets out of here.

Basically, it was a few hours of rushing from one office to another all before driving Drew to the airport to catch a noon flight.

And no - he did not make it two hours before his flight...but hey. This is Guam -it's a small airport. He did make it to his flight and he is currently enjoying his trip.

He's especially glad to be gone this week because the base is in the middle of an exercise - he gets to miss 12 hours night shifts. I think he was giddy with relief.

Today I dropped off my car at the port. Soon it'll be on it's way to the States. Who knows...maybe it'll even make it there before we do.

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy