Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Once again, I Hate the Dentist

I may have said this before once...or twice...but I hate going to the dentist. And going to the dentist in Guam is even more of a joy.


Today was the boys and my bi-yearly check-up and exam. (Melissa will go in a few weeks...for some Guam reason she's few weeks behind us.)

All in all it was much better than other Guam dentist one yelled at my son (I don't think I posted about that, but yeah....don't yell at my son! That's my job, thank you very much!) or yelled at me. And all three of us were in and our within an hour. Nice.

Very nice.

Of course, it wasn't totally smooth sailing....

As I was checking out, I was told by the receptionist that the insurance company didn't pay for Benjamin's sealant and that I owed $145. Well, of course, they didn't pay! This dentist was re-doing the work another dentist did - and got paid by the insurance company.

So, I had to fork over my credit card and pay. And guess what??!! Just before this the dentist told me that one sealant didn't take and it needed to be re-done.

That'll be $45, please.

Surely, I won't have these kinds of issues with a dentist in the States....I pray...

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Leaping For Joy