Monday, April 5, 2010


Tonight was the monthly fellowship of the chapel ladies group I'm in charge of. The theme of the night was "Don't Worry". My friend, Cindy, spoke on how the Lord has taken her through life lately. Last month just a few days after her husband left for an over month-long trip, her OB called to say a test came back not so good and she needed to have an amino done. And no, it could not wait until her husband came back.

Tonight she talked about how hard it was to make the decision to have the test, then to have the test all without her husband there. But, that's normal in our military life. It was a long ten day wait until the results came back to say that all was fine. She would be blessed with a healthy boy.

But one thing several of us who knew what she would be speaking on forgot was there was one lady there tonight that didn't have such a happy ending. I knew her story, but totally did not even think to warn her about what Cindy would be saying. It hit several of us when she got up and walked out crying.

Broke me heart.

It was amazing how similar the stories were. Both were told that that they needed more testing when their husbands were gone. Both had to go through the testing without the husband present. But this second friend got the horrible news that she wasn't carrying a healthy child. The little girl was still born several months later. But now this friend IS carrying a healthy child due first of June. But tonight?

Tonight just brought back the memory of all those days when life was not so good. Several of us cried with her. But we also rejoice that this child is healthy as is Cindy's.

During the fellowship we also were able to announce new board for next year. I have one more month of being president then I get to hand it over to my friend Erika. I have enjoyed this year. I really have. But....I'm ready to move on. The next adventure is calling.

One funny event that happened I was going through the food line, I was asking the lady behind me when our friend Kaia would return from her deployment. Kaia had been gone since early fall - it just seems like forever! I was ready to see her again and know that all is well with her.

I meet Kaia the first summer we arrived here. She was in my Bible study group then she helped me with AWANAs before she deployed. Kaia is a sweet, sweet lady. She's also a single mother whose heart is broken when she has to leave her kindergartner son at her mom's house for these long six month deployments.

Anyway. As I was done getting my food, I turned around and guess who was standing there with her precious son?!! Kaia!!

I may have made a scene hugging her neck.

Just a small one.

Okay - a loud one. As they were trying to give away door prizes.

But it's so good to see one return from deployment. Safe and sound.

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