Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back to Normal

We lost Internet for most of the you know how much I missed it??? And yes, I felt very much out of the loop.

But! The repairman actually came at the appointed time. Yes, that's a big deal on this island where people and businesses have what we call "hafa adai" mentality.

"Hafa adai" is hello in the local language, but when spoken it sounds like "half a day" and that's about how much work some do around here.

If that.

It's really the same island attitude that a lot of islands have - oh, so cute when you're on vacation. Not so much when you live here and need things done.

But not today. Today the repairman showed up and fixed our poor corroded wires and tips.


And it seems one of the biggest things I missed was the possibility of our island capsizing. Yes, I know. Boats capsize not islands, but some congressman from GA seem to think that we could capsize when the Marines move from Okinawa to here in a few years. Amazing to think this man was elected to the United States Congress! (clink here to see the video)

Where there are many concerns about the Marines moving to Guam, capsizing is not one of them...but if it was -at least I won't be here!

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Polly said...

The island attitude is so funny to me. When we visited Puerto Rico we rushed like mad people to get to the other side of the island for my scuba lessons. When we got to the boat, the owner was sitting on the top of the boat smoking and chatting it up with his employees. I apologized for being late, they said they hadn't even noticed. It's because they were on "island time"!

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