Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Hard Being 13

Dear William,

It's hard being 13 these days. You start your 13th year being sick and your father out of town. Then when you do get well enough to return to school, you lose your thumb-drive - with all of your science fair project work on it.

Having to re-do all of that work was no fun. But you stuck in there and work hard to get it all down before the due date.

On a good day you got to go to the local water-park with a friend that was celebrating his 13th birthday. Oh the fun you had. Until you realize that you went with no sun screen or a swim shirt.

Your first sun burn was bad. Really bad. You even had to miss another day of school because you couldn't handle clothing touching your shoulders.

And just when your life is getting back on track you open a cabinet to put away dishes and the glass craft to the blender falls out and breaks.


The next day surely will be better?? Right??

No. You left two ink pens in one of your shorts' pockets. Yeah not lovely. Not better. Yeah....lots of clothes ruined. Ink all over Dad's pants and a favorite shirt, two of my shirts, one pair of shorts. Lots of uniform shorts for you, your sister, and your siblings...yeah it was a big load.

But you know I love you. You know I forgive you. I know it was an accident. And that the clothes can be replaced.

But can you, please, take the pens out of your pockets from now on???


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Carie said...

What a sweet post. Poor William. Is he feeling like he can't do anything right? Oh, the sunburn made me cringe! Bless his heart!

Isn't it good to know they grow up before we let them out of our sight? They might actually survive the teens and live to be adults, like we did!

Miss you. And always love visiting your blog.

Oh, and is the island of Guam tilting because of all the weight? (Can you believe that?)


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