Sunday, March 21, 2010

This Week to Come

The weekend is coming to a close. We're all sitting in the living room watch Modern Marvels. MM is actually one of our favorite's one of the few shows that we all can without Drew and I having to cringe or explain things that the kids aren't ready for.

We've had a good weekend.....William could have used a little more wisdom, though. Friday night he spent the night with a friend, then on Saturday the spent the day at the local water park in celebration of his friend's birthday. William forgot to wear his swim shirt...or ask for sunscreen. Yep. He's red. Very.

And now smelling like aloe vera.

We're hoping he's learned a lesson...only time will tell....but after three years in Guam and being only burnt bad this one time, I guess it not too bad. But on the other hand, after being thee years in Guam, he should have known better.

Also, as we sit here Benjamin has the sniffles. So far, no fever, so just another cold. Hopefully, he'll be at school tomorrow. I really need to get him healthy and stay that way - he has his yearly asthma check up next week. But h has to be healthy for the check up.

The other issue taking up some of our weekend, we the ladies retreat I'm helping plan for this coming up weekend. It'll be a great weekend learning more about Jesus, but man! It's a little stressful!!

One of the great things about this weekend was the naps....Drew and I got one in on Saturday and that's a great weekend!

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy