Wednesday, May 12, 2010


For the last week I have been praying for one of my friend's marriage.  She shared with me that her deployed husband told her he didn't know if he would allow her and the kids to move to their new base or not...he may send them to her family in another state.  She was just heartbroken.  She wasn't denying that they had issues - she's known for years they did. But she also thought they were working on them and that things were better.

I see her spending time with the Lord and I see more and more of Him in her.  I know how much she wants her marriage to work. And now this. Makes me mad at the devil and his wiley schemes.

This morning she stopped by the chapel to say she wasn't staying for Bible study...she was just too upset. She had gotten a letter/email from her husband saying he had not been in love with her for the last seven years of their fourteen years of marriage.  He didn't know what he wanted. He did agree  to counseling when he returned from deployment.

My heart just breaks for her and three children.

Then in Bible study another friend told us she had given her husband an ultimatum:  clean up your act or I'm  gone.  She did not go into details, but some type of addiction is involved.

Once again my heart hurts and breaks for her and makes me mad at those wiley schemes....if he can get our  marriages, he can get to our  children.

I'm praying for them both - that the Lord's wisdom will abound...His Love shine through.....and restoration and reconciliation proceeds.

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Polly said...

So sorry to hear of these marriages in trouble. I just hate it for anyone.
I am participating in a study group reading "Love and Respect" by Emmerson Engrich (sp?). It is a wonderful tribute to marriage the way God planned it. So far I have enjoyed and learned and had my toes stepped on quite a bit.
Might I suggest this book?
Love the new background!

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Leaping For Joy