Saturday, May 22, 2010

Locked In

Drew is always trying to get me to lock the door after I leave the house.  He laughs that I lock the door when I'm home by myself, but seem to forget - or refuse to - lock the door when I leave.  It's just not a priority to me.  I hate having an arm full of grocery and having to set them all down to dig my keys back out. Besides, I live on a military base with armed guards at the gates....sort of like a gated-community, don't ya think?

But Drew reminds me that it's a false sense of security.  There are still bad guys around.

So, I try.

Just the other day as the kids and I were leaving for school, I yell at William who was the last one out the door - "Hey, William - lock the door!! Dad's always getting on to me to lock it , so lock it, okay?"

So, he does - good little boy that he is.

Then Drew comes home from PT (aka"physical training" or better known as "mandatory exercise"), and he finds the door locked.  And he didn't have a house key!!

Since my car is on a boat to our new home, I'm driving Drew's "boonie" car.  He's driving a friend's car....with the friend's key ring...that doesn't have our house key.

Drew had visions of going to the school to track me down....but first...he thought he would try the front door.

Sure enough. Its un-locked!  After all, his wife and kids NEVER lock the doors!

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Carie said...

Hilarious! Bet he won't mind an unlocked door for now. But I'm guessing you'll have to start locking when you move. Sad, isn't it.

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