Monday, May 31, 2010

Long Weekend

Drew was to be home Friday night, but ended up not making it in until Saturday night. Melissa was finally fever-free for 24 hours by mid-day Sunday - and the best part? So, far no one else is sick.

Although, William has complained of a headache....which is normal for him....praying it's his normal and not getting her germs.

Sunday we went to the Haputo Beach - one of my favor places in Guam....pure white beach...nice green jungle surrounding it....very much un-touch by people.  Usually, when we go the tide is in and the waves very high - much too high to enjoy the water. One friend almost lost her mother-in-law! She got swept out with a rip-tide.  She was very lucky that she only had broken ribs, but still had her life.  This weekend the tide was so low we could  walk out all the way to the reef.

So incredible beautiful!!

I would have pictures but my camera cord got packed up with the movers and our lap-top is in the process of crashing....Drew is trying to save it....but it's not looking good at all.

Today was a day to get a few things done around here before an office party.

Then I ready the invite again.

The party was on Saturday.


This will be a busy short week....we leave the house on out a week from tomorrow....still hard to believe it's all coming to an end and we get to move home......yeah for us!

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