Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Last Post From 5nGuam

Moving. So many thoughts and emotions.  This is our eight move with the Air Force, so in a way it's "old hat", but each and every move has its own quirks.  For the most part for every move we were ready to move.  The one exception was our move from Japan to California. I was not ready to leave Japan in any way.

Especially at 35 1/2 weeks pregnant.  But that's another story for another time.

I'm ready to move....ready to leave Paradise....ready to be back in a first-world/develop country.  Don't get me wrong. I have enjoyed living here in Guam. Enjoyed the friends I have made here....enjoyed seeing a different part of the world...learning about new cultures. But ready to leave and be closer to family.  The closest to family in the past was 15 hours by car. Being in the same state is just amazing to me.

Leaving here I'll take the sheer beauty of the island. In many locations it is just so incredibly beautiful, words are hard to describe it all.  But there is a down-size to the island...maybe in most islands.  The poverty...the hopelessness some of the people have. After all, when living in the States, its easy to relocate and start anew a few towns or a state over.  Here a place ticket the mainland is out-of-reach for most workers. Then there's the corruption and greed that abounds in the island government.....the carelessness of the people toward the beauty of the island as well as the value of human life.

Just this morning there was an article in the paper about a nine-year-old boy being killed because he was riding the back of  a pick-up truck and fell out then hit by another car.  While  its legal for a parent to allow a child to ride in the back of  pick-up truck, they are trying to discourage it by an ad campaign with the slogan of "Your family is not freight".

Amazing that people have to be told that....sad really.

The locals have a love/hate relationship to us in the military.  They are totally appreciative that the Marines in 1iberated Guam from the Japanese in 1944 (Liberation Day is a bigger celebration than  July 4th here) and so, are very patriotic with many joining the Armed Forces. But at the same time they are deeply jealous of what we military families have - from our houses on base to our schools to the military access only beaches on the bases to our base stores. Many do what ever they can to have what is part of our benefits for being in the military.

There's also a deep resentment that foreigners are on the island at all. All children - even ours in the military base schools are required to take Guam Culture classes. There I have seen how the teachers talk about the "invaders" who came and stole their lands and made the Chamarro's a weaker  by intermarriage. It was little uncomfortable listening to those lessons....seeing the look of disdain on the face of the teacher....But with all parts of history, both sides can and should learn.

With Guam now a part of our personal history now, I hope to leave more It's been a wonderful three years.  I pray the next part of our adventure will be as enlightening.  You can read about our next adventures at my new blog - 5with family here.

Friday, June 4, 2010


I'm homeless. Again.  But it's a planned homelessness. 

So, far the move has gone well. The last of our things were packed yesterday in the express shipment (this shipment will take 14 days instead of the 60 for the rest of our things). This morning Drew checked out of our military house - very relieved that we didn't have to do any major cleaning or yard work!  Last night we spent our first night in the hotel.

All's going well....

We still have a car to sell. While it'll be nice to sell it and be done, it's also nice to have a car these last few days.  I'm actually borrowing a friends car, so I'm not stuck without one while Drew finishes up things.

And he still have several things to finish up. His replacement comes in tonight and so he'll spend more of the weekend with him briefing him on how the office runs. The kids were disappoint that Dad wouldn't be around to play at the hotel's water park, but they'll get lots of daddy time in the next few weeks.

Me? I feel so less stress right now. Yesterday...lots more stressed.  While Drew was at the house with the movers, I went on field day with Benjamin's class. It was a great day at Tropical Fruit World and Jeff's Pirate's Cove, but in the back of my mind was all the things that needed to be done....our TB test read ( a requirement to leave the island)... meds to be picked the house...getting rid of the food that the movers would not pack.....

But it's all done now.  The kids and I will play for the next few days....three and half days left in Paradise.....then onto our next Air Force Adventure.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Almost there...

Its less than a week now until we mind is overwhelmed at times with it all.  The house is empty, but yet at the same time a total mess. How can you have so few things scattered everywhere?

Last night was my last evening Bible study and I'm now getting ready to walk out the door to my last morning study. I will miss these ladies. For the last three years they have prayed for me, entertained me, feed me, and up-held me.  As usual while a location maybe easy to leave - the friends never are.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Long Weekend

Drew was to be home Friday night, but ended up not making it in until Saturday night. Melissa was finally fever-free for 24 hours by mid-day Sunday - and the best part? So, far no one else is sick.

Although, William has complained of a headache....which is normal for him....praying it's his normal and not getting her germs.

Sunday we went to the Haputo Beach - one of my favor places in Guam....pure white beach...nice green jungle surrounding it....very much un-touch by people.  Usually, when we go the tide is in and the waves very high - much too high to enjoy the water. One friend almost lost her mother-in-law! She got swept out with a rip-tide.  She was very lucky that she only had broken ribs, but still had her life.  This weekend the tide was so low we could  walk out all the way to the reef.

So incredible beautiful!!

I would have pictures but my camera cord got packed up with the movers and our lap-top is in the process of crashing....Drew is trying to save it....but it's not looking good at all.

Today was a day to get a few things done around here before an office party.

Then I ready the invite again.

The party was on Saturday.


This will be a busy short week....we leave the house on out a week from tomorrow....still hard to believe it's all coming to an end and we get to move home......yeah for us!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Ill Little Girl

Whenever you hear a voice at 3:30 in the morning that says in a very sad way, "Mommy", you know it's not going to be a normal day.  My poor little girl had a horrible headache, sore throat, and a temp of 102.7.

Yowza!  Poor thing.

 And even worse was after she got settled into my bed (Drew's gone), she then said the other words we parents hate to hear, "Mom, my stomach hurts...I think I'm going to throw up."

Never does a mom move faster.

So...we spent the day watching TV....those toddlers with tiaras need a good butt well as the moms for spending that much money....

But by the end of the day she was able to keep some food and drink down.  She'll be home again from school tomorrow. And I'm praying that  she keeps these nasty germs to her self.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, The Possibilities....

I've been thinking about my next life.

No, I don't have a dreaded disease (other than being human). But Drew, the kids, and I are getting a new life soon thanks to the US Air Force.  While living on an tropical island for three years has been enjoyable, it's time to go.

After all - it hasn't been all suntans and beaches.

I'm thrilled to be closer to family.

Almost equally thrilled to have close access to normal American shopping! And not just a better selection when it comes to clothes. I'm really looking forward to fresh fruits and veggie. And bread.

Yes, bread.  The bread here has been frozen to be transported here and thawed out.  It's not the best. No matter what brand I buy, within a day or two it has this smell....there's no  mold that I can see, but there's this smell that makes me not really want to eat it.

No wonder Melissa refuses to have a sandwich in her daily lunch.

I'm also starting to wonder what our day to day life will be like...will we like our neighbors....will I work as a substitute teacher again....what church will we go to.....who will be our friends...what ministry will be serve many times will I eat at Chick-fil-a without getting tried of it....

Just so many possibilities....

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy