Friday, June 4, 2010


I'm homeless. Again.  But it's a planned homelessness. 

So, far the move has gone well. The last of our things were packed yesterday in the express shipment (this shipment will take 14 days instead of the 60 for the rest of our things). This morning Drew checked out of our military house - very relieved that we didn't have to do any major cleaning or yard work!  Last night we spent our first night in the hotel.

All's going well....

We still have a car to sell. While it'll be nice to sell it and be done, it's also nice to have a car these last few days.  I'm actually borrowing a friends car, so I'm not stuck without one while Drew finishes up things.

And he still have several things to finish up. His replacement comes in tonight and so he'll spend more of the weekend with him briefing him on how the office runs. The kids were disappoint that Dad wouldn't be around to play at the hotel's water park, but they'll get lots of daddy time in the next few weeks.

Me? I feel so less stress right now. Yesterday...lots more stressed.  While Drew was at the house with the movers, I went on field day with Benjamin's class. It was a great day at Tropical Fruit World and Jeff's Pirate's Cove, but in the back of my mind was all the things that needed to be done....our TB test read ( a requirement to leave the island)... meds to be picked the house...getting rid of the food that the movers would not pack.....

But it's all done now.  The kids and I will play for the next few days....three and half days left in Paradise.....then onto our next Air Force Adventure.

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CSL said...

I love your attitude about moving. You are so eager to face each new adventure that God hands you! I'm so proud of you and how unstressed you are. Hope the next few days are truly relaxing as you prepare for this move! :) And soon we will be able to say, "Welcome home, patriots!"

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy