Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, The Possibilities....

I've been thinking about my next life.

No, I don't have a dreaded disease (other than being human). But Drew, the kids, and I are getting a new life soon thanks to the US Air Force.  While living on an tropical island for three years has been enjoyable, it's time to go.

After all - it hasn't been all suntans and beaches.

I'm thrilled to be closer to family.

Almost equally thrilled to have close access to normal American shopping! And not just a better selection when it comes to clothes. I'm really looking forward to fresh fruits and veggie. And bread.

Yes, bread.  The bread here has been frozen to be transported here and thawed out.  It's not the best. No matter what brand I buy, within a day or two it has this smell....there's no  mold that I can see, but there's this smell that makes me not really want to eat it.

No wonder Melissa refuses to have a sandwich in her daily lunch.

I'm also starting to wonder what our day to day life will be like...will we like our neighbors....will I work as a substitute teacher again....what church will we go to.....who will be our friends...what ministry will be serve many times will I eat at Chick-fil-a without getting tried of it....

Just so many possibilities....

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy