Sunday, December 9, 2007

Feeling Very Safe, Indeed

Last night Drew and I went to the Guam's Police Department's Christmas party. They invited all on-island law enforcement office. As one speaker said the whole alphabet soup was there.
Except for letter M....or Q....didn't see them....maybe they were too busy keeping 007 out of trouble.
There was lots of good food and they had a great band. One of the MC's was very funny. Drew and I laughed at one lady. While she was dancing she kept her purse with her.
You think in a room of over 300 hundred police officers your purse would be safe at your table.
We were at the Nikko Hotel ( It was our first time inside the hotel - very, very nice. We had seen the grounds several times as its next door to one of our favorite beaches (Gun Beach) where we like to watch the sunsets.
Next year we're going to try to get a room and farm the kids out to friends and just stay downtown that night.
We spent most of today getting ready for Drew's boss to come to town. He arrives tonight and we will host him and others from the office for a full dinner tomorrow night. I've cook a few things tonight, but plan on not working tomorrow so I can take my time getting everything done. Hopefully, then I won't be stressed out and I can enjoy the dinner as well.
And be in a good mood to help out with homework and all those other mothering things that will still need to be done.
Right now we all are smelling my cheese-cake that I just pulled out of the oven - its just heavenly!!! And its only 4 grams of fat per slice!! Can't wait to cut into that!!

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Polly said...

If the Guam Nikko is 1/2 as beautiful as the one in Atlanta, you had a big treat.
You look beautiful in the picture. Drew did too!
I hope your dinner went well. Send a report. And recipes!

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Leaping For Joy