Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Off My Game...or Rather Chair

Last night was our big dinner with several from the office and Drew's boss who is in for a few days. Overall, it went well. But I was very disappointed in my chicken. I tweaked my recipe a little and it ended up salty. URRGGG!! I was so not happy!!

But the rest of the food was good - I still think it would have been better if the commissary had fresh and frozen raspberries in stock and Chinese snow peas. That would have made things great instead of good.

But I do live in a third world country...at least I do get American food...even if most of its frozen.

As we were passing around the (way too salty) chicken, we heard a crack, then a thump - then the guy traveling with the boss, Mike, fell from view.

The chair broke.

Oh, my....how embarrassing for your furniture to break - with the boss watching!!!

And no, Mike is not fat - he's perfect Air Force shape.

But apparently my chair is not in perfect shape.


Polly said...

Oh no!
I'm sure it gave y'all something to talk about, though!
And I'm sure the chicken was fine. Most people like lots of salt.
And it sounds like you got spoiled being a California girl for so long. All I can get here in the desert lots of times is frozen. And California is right next door.
Take care, all of you.

Anonymous said...

yep, still more proof that you reside in a dangerous place!

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Leaping For Joy