Saturday, January 31, 2009

Half-Way Through

For us on this side of the world we are half-way through our weekend...unless of course, I don't get called in to sub on Monday then I get another day.

Which I'll always take.

Today I hosted another baby shower (four in six months; three for other office wives and one for a friend from the chapel). This one was for one of the ladies from Drew's office. I served a salad and bake potato bar. Can we say "easy"!?? Overall, I think it went well and the new mom got several really cute outfits for the new princess as well as a nice swing. I'm amazed at how fancy all the baby stuff is now.

But no - it does not make me want to go out and have another one!! That factory's closed for good.

One sad note about the shower: It seems most of the guys will be out of town for Valentine's. One lady said she and her husband have been apart for the last five - FIVE! - Valentine's.

Just bites being married to an active duty guy at times. Of course, being in the middle of a war doesn't help.

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy