Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It's Wednesday afternoon here or day 8 of the Crazy-Island-Fever. I did end-up taking Melissa back to the doctor's because last night her cough started to sound different and she got a weird rash/hives on her legs and face all with 101 fever.

Of course, when she woke up this morning all it was gone.

Such is my life with kids and doctor appointments - sick at night, then very well the next day at the doctor's.

But today was a little different with 101.5 fever. Her ears, lungs, and throat are still clear. We go back if we hit day 15.

In other news the boys got really wet going to school today. 7:20 - lots of sunshine. 7:30 when every one on this base is making their way to school? Complete downpour. It actually got quite comical when the boys and I were trying to get in the car and all three of our umbrella didn't want to close. I practically had to climb in the back seat to fight Ben's umbrella.

Times like those, you just have to laugh.

William wasn't laughing as all those umbrella made him late for school. It was his first time getting a tardy - but I told him I just didn't care. It was fine! He so likes to be on time and do what's excepted of him (except keep his room clean...he really doesn't care at all about that....)

Today William has his first meet with the cross-country team. We're excited. And yes, I'll bring my camera!

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Dawn said...

Still here praying. I can't believe she still has a fever!!

Poor thing. Keep us posted!!!

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy