Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Hired Help

Today I hosted a luncheon for the PWOC board. It was great time for all of us getting to know each other better. A few days ago I made a deal with the kids about this luncheon - they would help set up, clean up, and help entertain the the small kids that would also being coming. Ben agreed right away, but for some reason William and Melissa had to think about it for a few days. They did agree in the end.

They did a great job! Just before the guests came, a friend stopped by to visit for a few minutes. As she and I were talking I was having the kids do some last minutes things like getting out the salad dressing. At one point, William made a face and start to complain, but that stopped when I told him I would deduct fifty cents for every rolling of the eyes. That put a stop to that - or at least in front of me.

They got very creative -at one point they started to rotate out - each one would take a five minutes break from the young kids. William would set the timer on his battery - this just cracked me up! I'm not sure if any of them will be baby-sitters, but at least they got a taste of it.

And now they are planning how to spend their money.

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mel said...

Hi there. I've been googling "PWOC blog" to see who all has a local installation blogsite. They've been very interesting, and I love seeing ladies using this venue to communicate with each other.

If you ever need anything, please let us know. We're working hard to get publicity items online for the local PWOCs to use. I know you're in one of the most geographically challenging duties, so hang in there and trust Him daily! We were visiting Guam when 9-11 happened -- the PIC's not a bad place to have to be stranded! We were stationed at Yokota at the time.

Pacific Region is very special to me. Have you seen the new blog on the PWOC site?

Melinda Hemphill
PWOCI - Communications

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Leaping For Joy